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To Boot Camp Or Not To Boot Camp?

publication date: May 26, 2016
author/source: Carlos "IGetCha-BodyRight" Love

To Boot Camp or Not to Boot Camp?

Seemingly now more than ever before, fitness is becoming a household topic. It is also one that is on many of your mind’s or at least it should be. With obesity and degenerative conditions such as diabetes and hypertension reaching epic proportions as well as the proliferation of social media outlets exhibiting undue amounts of social pressure on individuals who subscribe to them, it is no wonder why so many of you are searching high and low for the next miracle body transformation solution. Whether it is the latest and greatest fat burning cream, body wrap, waist trainer, exercise program or fad diet, the fact is that you like the rest of us want real world solutions to the age old problem of stubborn body fat. In all my years of training and searching for answers, the one thing that continues to remain constant, is that nothing beats good ole hard work. As a trainer, I have seen many of my clients make some remarkable transformations with my straight forward no frills no thrills approach to training. To that end, when it comes to hard work, what continues to come under questioning is the methodology in which the hard work is achieved. In other words, what most of you want to know is what is the absolute best and most effective way to achieve desired results from your fitness program? Is boot camp style or group training more effective in helping you achieve body transformation results? Or is one on one personal training a better fit for you? In my years of experience I would honestly say that the answer to this question largely depends on the individual. If you are a person who is a self-starter and easily motivated I’d say, it doesn’t really matter what form of exercise you choose as your method, you are likely going to be successful. Why? Because having the right mindset is the most important thing you must have in order to transform your body to a better fitter version of yourself. A positive "can do spirit" will take you a long way as far as body transformation is concerned. For those of you who need a little bit of motivation to get started, boot camp may be the best option for you. The thing that I like about boot camp style training is that it offers both the competitive environment for those individuals who are motivated by competition as well as a native support system provided by fellow boot campers who undergo the same struggle as you from day to day. Moreover, most boot camps are high tempo and fast-paced which allows participants to get the most out of each session. For those who are intimidated by this style of training, my suggestion to you is... don’t be. Usually good boot camp instructors are more than accommodating in offering exercise options that are less rigorous for those individuals who are not quite as advanced.

Personal training on the other hand offers clients the one-on-one attention that may be needed to address specific concerns as far a your body transformation journey is concerned. Trainers are better able to access potential pitfalls that could thwart your potential results in a one-on-one setting as opposed to a larger group setting. Also, for individuals who are just beginning an exercise regimen for the first time, perhaps training with a personal trainer in an one-on-one environment might just be the safest thing you can do. This way you get to learn how to train safely and effectively before advancing to more intense exercises. As you can see there are as many reasons to join a boot camp as there are for you to work with a personal trainer in a one-on-one setting. When deciding which one works best for you, first consider your personality and what you may need to motivate you to get and stay fit. Whether you decide to join a boot camp or work with a personal trainer, is completely up to you. I would suggest however, that whatever you do, just be prepared to work as hard as you can to get the results that you want to see.

By: Carlos “Igetcha-Bodyright” Love

Carlos Love

-Trainer with Love 4 Life Fitness & Nutrition and Body of Christ NMotion Boot Camps

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