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Brittney's Transformation

publication date: May 26, 2016
author/source: Nitro, The Beast

Brittney interview:

Nitro: Greetings!

Let's introduce you to all the fans!

Let everyone know who you are:

Brittney: Hi my name is Brittney Gigante and I am from Buffalo, New York!

Nitro: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me!

How're you today?

Brittney: Besides being tired and hungry, good!

Nitro: Glad to hear it!

Well the 1st thing I wanna talk about is your incredible transformation!

What brought about such a big change?

Brittney: After I graduated high school I had started drinking a lot and I even smoked cigarettes. I was going out all the time and inevitably had gained a lot of weight. I was really disgusted with myself and the person that I had become so, I joined a gym. Of course I was lost and wasn’t really sure what to do, so I ended up doing endless amounts of cardio. I got really bored with that so I started researching and found that weight training is actually very effective for fat loss. So I started following some fitness pages on Instagram and got workout ideas that way. The working out part became easy, I was building muscle and feeling a lot better about myself but still wasn’t losing the weight I wanted. I found a meal prep company called 95 Nutrition and they helped me lose about 15lbs just from eating healthier! With my training combined with the diet, my results came faster than ever.

Nitro: Wow!

So, eating cleaner was a major part of the change huh?

Brittney: Yeah eating healthy is so important. I figured since I was working out that I could eat whatever I wanted… FALSE. It's actually more important to eat healthy while training hard because you need to make sure your body is getting the right amount of nutrients it needs to recover. The saying is true that “you cant out-train a bad diet!”

Nitro: Hmmmmmm.... Well that makes sense!

Did you have a trainer help you or did you do most of it on your own?

Brittney: I can proudly say that I have never had a personal trainer. I did all of this on my own. 95 Nutrition played a big role in the nutrition aspect, but I make up all of my own workouts. I also have a prep coach now and she tells me exactly what to eat, when to eat it, and how much cardio I should be doing.

Nitro: How "young"( age ) are you?

Brittney: I am 22 years “young”!

Nitro: Nice!!!

Ok you mentioned having goals earlier......

The word is, you're getting ready for your 1st competition!

How'd you end up deciding to do that?

Brittney: Well I have been working out for about four years now, but seriously lifting for about a year. I wanted to take my fitness goals to the next level and I am an extremely competitive person so competing sounded like something that I would like to do. I love having goals, and working towards them everyday.

Nitro: Cool!!!!

Are you nervous?

Brittney: Of course! But I am also very excited.

Nitro: Do you have someone helping you prepare for the upcoming event?

Brittney: Yes my coach is Jenn Marsala. She is amazing. She used to compete herself so she knows the ins & outs of competing. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model/coach to help me through this journey. She really has taught me a lot.

Nitro: Ahhhhhhh....

I talk to Jerry sometimes, awesome dude!

Brittney: Yeah her and her husband are great people.

Nitro: What's the show date & location?

Brittney: I’m doing the Natural Muscle Association’s CanAm. It is March 19th, 2016 at Nichols High School in Amherst, NY.

Nitro: So how many weeks out are you now?

Brittney: Currently I am 5 weeks out!

Nitro: Wow, that will be here in no time!!!

What's been the toughest thing so far?

Brittney: The hardest thing is the diet. When you’re on prep you cant just eat whatever you want. You have to eat what’s on your plan and if you miss a meal that’s too bad. Meal timing is just as important as the foods you’re consuming. Being in a caloric deficit and having to train harder and longer than I’ve ever trained before is also a challenge. But I love seeing my body change; that is what keeps me going everyday.

Nitro: Hmmmmmm....

I'll bet!!!

Well I'm curious to hear your opinion on this...

Why'd you decide to do a drug free show? Hey, don't hold any punches if you wanna throw some here! Haha!

Brittney: Haha I think the best part about bodybuilding is seeing what you’re body is capable of, and I just want to see how hard I can push myself the “clean” way. I want to see what my body can do without supplements.

Nitro:Awesome answer!

Well besides your "show coach"....

Who are your biggest supporters?

Brittney: My parents, Steve and Anna Gigante, are my biggest supporters. They support me in everything that I do. I couldn’t ask for two better people in my life. My boyfriend, Steve Spencer is also a huge support. He deals with me when I am tired and “hangry” and I can tell you that’s hard to do!

Nitro: Where do you train?

Brittney: Just a local gym - World Gym In Tonawanda.


Well before we wrap this up....

Any advice for someone who's looking to live this lifestyle and transform their bodies like you did?

Brittney: Stay consistent. Consistency is key. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. My transformation is still in progress and I believe I will always be “transforming” my body. Fitness is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy it. When things get hard don’t give up, you’ll look back and be glad you never quit. Also, there’s no secret pill, no “Fit Tea”, no waist trainer that will magically make you lose weight. Just eat clean and train hard and I promise the results will come.

Nitro: That's good stuff!

Well I'm excited to see how you do!

Thanks for your time and in my opinion...

You're definitely NO JOKE!

Brittney: Thank you so much! It was great talking with you!

Take care!


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